Waterproof Winter Jackets

The rainy season is an enjoyable time of the year be it any part of the world. It’s the best time to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea while having a small snack and watching nature play its part so beautifully. While you enjoy Mother Nature it is also important to be covered properly in this kind of weather to avoid any sort of inconveniences like the flu or cold. 

There are various ways you can keep yourself covered well in the rain but among the best methods is to bring into use a good waterproof jacket. During this time it is also important to choose a good jacket brand that serves the purpose and does not let your money go to waste. 

There are various things you need to consider while choosing your jacket so that you don’t have to face any problems later. First, let’s get an insight as to what sorts of weather protection are available in jackets that are up for sale.

Things to consider while buying a waterproof jacket

There are various choices as to what standard of the jacket a person wants. The various choices available include whether someone wants a waterproof or water-resistant jacket, whether they want a waterproof but breathable jacket or whether they want a waterproof but non-breathable jacket. 


1. Breathability

While we are discussing the options, let us also look into what ‘breathability’ is. In basic terms, breathability is the measure of how quickly moisture vapors generated from the body are able to pass through a piece of fabric from the inside of a waterproof jacket to the outside environment. 


2. Water repellent vs water-resistant

When buying waterproof clothing a person should also consider whether the clothing is water repellent or water-resistant. Water repellent essentially means that the water droplets would literally bead up and roll off whereas water resistance talks about the assessment of the fabric’s ability to prevent water penetration. 


3. Number of layers

Other factors that should be considered while purchasing rain gear are the layers in them. A winter jacket consists of several layers for protection, and the main coating that keeps warm is sandwiched inside additional layers. An outer layer is there to repel raindrops while an inner layer protects against both body odor and wear and tear from the inside of the jacket. 


4. Seam taping

Seam taping is another feature that is important while choosing a waterproof jacket. A rain jacket should preferably be fully seam taped in order for it to be fully waterproof but lack of seam taping doesn’t necessarily mean that a jacket is of poor quality, sometimes it is not used to avoid any sort of complexity. 


5. Zippers, hoods, and vents

Other factors in the best rain jacket include zippers, hood designs, and vents. Zippers in waterproof jackets usually require a rubberized coating or a storm flap to prevent water from going in. 

Hoods are another important factor. Most hoods have brims and adjustments on the sides and in the back in order to fine-tune the size of the opening.

Last but not the least, a lot of jackets also have vents. Even when we’re taking into consideration the most breathable jackets, sometimes rainwear can get overwhelming during strenuous activity hence some jackets have pit zips or underarm vents to allow more ventilation.


PUREMSX waterproof jackets and why you should buy them

Now that we’ve gotten an insight into the essentials of what to check before buying a waterproof jacket, let’s talk about a good brand for waterproof jackets. This is where PUREMSX steps in and helps you out. 

PUREMSX jackets are made using high-tech polyester fabric which keeps you warm and dry in any condition. There is no need to worry about getting wet in the rain or mist. The tightened elastic rib-knit cuffs help in the prevention of wind running into the jacket giving you that extra insulation while retaining your body heat. The premium fabric used in the production of the jackets and the mature workmanship ensure that there are optimum warmth and comfort. 

PUREMSX fur-hooded men’s winter parka coats are sewn tightly with small stitches. The high-density polyester makes the quilted jacket durable and ideal to wear in hard conditions. The polypropylene cotton lining is there to provide extra warmth and comfort in the cold and dry winter season. 

 PUREMSX jackets are also highly affordable compared to other brands, specifically Canada Goose. PUREMSX offers the same quality but a price that is 8 times cheaper than Canada Goose. 

 PUREMSX jackets are also easy to maintain. They are easily washable and can be used in temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius and one of the main reasons to buy PUREMSX jackets is that they are eco-friendly products and no animals are harmed during the production of our jackets making the product cruelty free and nature friendly. 


So what are you waiting for? Check out our different collections and grab a water-resistant and well-insulated jacket for yourself! 

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