Canada Goose vs Puremsx

A Choice Between Affordable And Non-Affordable Luxury

Heading out in the dry winter season can be a tough job and all the more challenging if you’re not covered up properly. You don’t want yourself to catch a cold and be wasting your days lying in bed when you can carry out much more productive activities.

So, what is the solution to this? We’ve got one for you! Try PUREMSX’s winter jacket collection!

PUREMSX is an amazing brand that offers the best solution to your insulation needs this winter. Many people choose to go for more costly options such as Canada Goose but in this blog, we’ll tell you why you don’t need to spend those extra dollars and easily afford the best.


Price Difference

Although Canada Goose is considered to be a premium brand but when it comes to a premium brand you also have to spend some extra dollars to buy their products. Canada Goose products usually cost between 800-1200 dollars where PUREMSX offers almost the same thing, only 8 times cheaper.

The question that arises here is that does that lower cost means that the quality of the product will also go down? Well, the answer to that is, No!


Insulation Technology & Eco-Friendliness

To make a comparison here both Canada Goose and PUREMSX use double-layered design to maximize the warmth but in the case of Canada Goose, goose down is used as insulation material whereas PURSEMSX uses recyclable polyester which means that no animals are harmed in the making of PUREMSX products and they are completely cruelty-free and nature-friendly. Moreover, PUREMSX uses Eco Circle Fibers which are polyesters made by the Eco Circle recycling system, and in comparison to the polyester fibers made using traditional technology, Eco Circle fibers reduce approximately 50% of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

Canada Goose is known to keep you warm up to freezing temperatures of -40C whereas PUREMSX jackets can keep you warm in temperatures reaching up to -25C. So do you want to be paying those extra 700 dollars for those extra 15 degrees of insulation?


Care & Maintenance

When we talk about care that comes along with the purchase of items from both brands, Canada Goose requires more technical care as compared to PUREMSX products. Since Canada Goose products use goose down for insulation, it is highly recommended for people who purchase their items to get them dry washed and in case the jacket gets wet, it is more difficult to dry off and when it finally dries, it becomes patchy and takes a few days to get back to its regular form. On the other hand, polyester insulation is easier to wash and dry off, and it doesn’t get patchier either. The material does not gather at one spot and remains intact in its original shape and place.


Style and outlook

When it comes to the appearance of both products we can safely say that both brands look perfectly well made, premium, and durable. Canada Goose is a premium brand and caters to a very niche market owing to the amount of money that is required to buy it and eventually take care of it whereas PUREMSX is a people-friendly brand and caters to the masses because of its affordable price, its low maintenance cost and its ability to be as stylish as any other luxury brand available in the market like Canada Goose.



To conclude we need to ask ourselves the basic question as to what we want. Do we want to buy one or two really expensive items from a luxury brand or do we want to shop more from a similar brand at less than half of the price we were paying for the luxury brand? It is merely a matter of choice and considering how smart the consumer is today it is a very easy choice to make between both brands mentioned above. We can clearly see that PUREMSX has much more to offer as a brand.

To begin with, we’re going through an era of climate-friendly products and keeping that under consideration, PUREMSX is the brand that one can vouch for. They have eco-friendly products and as a brand are not just there for the profits. Moreover, the brand is cost-effective and provides its consumers with high-quality products at a reasonable price. Last but not the least, PUREMSX offers the style and comfort of a luxury brand which is also so easy to maintain that one does not have to go through the hassle of spending those extra dollars on cleaning their jackets. PUREMSX is the brand you want to choose this winter for all your style and insulation needs at the most affordable prices compared to other brands available in the market.


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